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About ShowLense:

I went and bought a Mustang! I Had to be the Black Sheep. My family was all GM.
Hey Everybody! My name is Richard Harman. Nice to meet you!

 Metal cutting is so much fun!

My Grandpa, then my Pop, owned Jack Harman's Standard Oil, a service station in Springfield, IL for nearly 50 years. It all started back in the day before Amoco and BP, and ran into the mid 70s. We were GM all the way. (but I had a secret hankering) I fell in love with the Mustangs as I was filling them up and checking the oil and battery. Remember Full Service? We serviced them all... Muscle Cars, that is. Well, it took me a while, but being the rebel I was, I finally had to break rank and switch to Ford. That Mustang had bit me. Since then I've owned nearly 20 different Stangs. (won't bore ya with the details here, lol)

Most of these last couple of decades I managed to own and operate a Sign and Screen Printing business. However; I am here to tell you that I work for YOU! That 'ol rebbel is still driving a Stang, And having a Ball doing it! And the best thing is...drum roll please... I figured out how to help YOU get the mods you want--that were the mods I wanted, right here on Showlenses.com and on eBay, easily, and at a Good Value. Please see my feedback rating and customer comments. Harman's is Still in the Service industry!

Having had the luxury of snagging an 05 GT on its way to a dealership in Des Moines in the spring of '05, I went straight out to get fog lamp lenses to change the looks to "Old School". Nothing out there impressed me, so what the hey, I made my own. You will find them on my auctions; I call them "ShowLenses". That was a Good Idea! Nature took her path and here I am, we have shipped more than 2,500 pairs, and evolved into a right respectable eBayer while doing so! Adding products to the mix was no problem. So I had to open ShowLenses.com just to get all the products to you!

 Metal? What metal?

How life evolves... from just selling ShowLenses to offering Taillight kits and Honeycomb blackout panels, light Bezels and Stripes, even Custom and stock painted Pony and Plenum cover replacements with fine airbrushed art... and much more! You Don't see what you want? Ask, I can probably get it for you. Let me do all the work. Make your life EASY, order all your mods from Harman's. We will be adding new products regularly so bookmark us by adding Harman2443 to your Favorite Seller list on eBay. Thanks for visiting my Store, www.showlenses.com. Check back early and often to see us grow!

Thanks for listening!

The "rickman"

Please email: rickman@showlenses.com with any questions or comments you may have regarding any of my store or eBay items for sale.

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